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Puppy TrainingTraining, Assessments, Pre puppy consultations, home visits
Puppy Training Course
Puppy training is a very important part of your pets upbringing and helps immensely with the relationship between you and your dog.
We offer several ways of training and introducing your new addition. Set out below are examples but they are not specific as every puppy is different. Additional help will be offered where required.
Toilet / House training
Food manners
Grooming and handling
Settle in bed / crate
Toys and games
Sit, stand, down positions preventing biting and aggression
Consultation Fees from £35 (subject to distance travelled)
Course Fee £48   Please see our 'Course Dates' page for forms
Introducing your puppy to his new environment
Essential equipment and diet
Having your home ready for the puppy
Introducing your puppy to other family members
Introducing your puppy to other animals
Consultation Fees from £35 (subject to distance travelled)
Pre Puppy Consultations
Home Visit Puppy Training
Training group offering socialization with people and other puppies
Teaching puppy to interact in play
Walking on a lead without pulling
Come when called
Good manners
Preventing play biting and mouthing
Sit, stand and down positions
Handling and grooming
Settle on a mat
Food manners
6 week course of 50 minute sessions
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Rally Group 
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Working Trials Group