One to One Dog Training -  Individual Consultations for Basic and Behavioural Training
We offer training on a personal one to one lesson basis. Dog training for getting all the basics right giving you a great foundation of training and building that special relationship with your dog.
Training and support can also be given on a one to one basis for dogs that are from rescue organisations or rehomed to you that may have a behavioural problem that you may consider a unwanted habit.
Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
Training structured to suit individual needs.
Do you need help with a dog that you have rescued?
Has your dog suddenly developed an unwanted habit?
Examples include but not limited to
Aggression towards people, Separation anxiety, Nervousness, Chasing, Barking, Chewing, House soiling, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Barking at windows, Fear of traffic, floors or people.

Initially a home visit may be needed to assess your dog and advise on a plan of action to modify your dogs behaviour.
Depending on your dogs needs this may mean just the one visit or may require further one to one training
Contact us to discuss this further.

Home Visit Initial Consultation          £60 per hour **
Follow up Consultations                   £40 per hour **

** Depending on distance travelled
Behavioural Consultations
One to One Training
Training in your home or outdoors, depending on your dogs training requirements

Examples included but not limited to
Toilet Training, Walking on a loose lead, Sit, Down and Stay, Recall in and outdoors, Control at the door, Car Travel, Jumping Up

These are basic examples of the most common suggestions that dogs require help or training for.
Please don't hesitate to enquire regarding any other problems you may be encountering.

Training            £30 per hour
Home Visits      £40 per hour **

** depending on distance travelled
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